Tiny static site generator


install requirements on ubuntu-based OS

sudo apt-get install pandoc imagemagick jpegoptim -y

How it’s done

It’s a simple bash script that uses find command to locate the files in your website and converts/optimize resources, building a ready to upload HTML website


Using this command in a loop, will convert markdown files to html pages. The --standalone --template option is needed if you want to use a custom template for headers and footers for each html page.

pandoc --standalone --template template.html $MARKDOWN_PATH -o $HTML_PATH


Using this command in a loop, will convert all png images to jpeg, with a fixed width of 500px

convert $PNG_PATH -resize 500 $JPEG_PATH

Using this command to get image width, if the image width is already 500px, don’t resize, otherwise this will create vertical bands on images over several resizings

identify -format "%w" $JPEG_PATH

Using wildcards, I can convert images avoiding certain folder paths (icons)

if [[ $PNG_PATH != *"/static/icons/"* ]];


Using this command in a loop, will try to resize jpeg images at 100k, if the resized image doesn’t differ from the original more than 5% (threshold), just keep the original. -q stands for “quiet”.

jpegoptim --size=100k --threshold=5 -q $JPEG_PATH


Can add in your footer a link to download the page in markdown format. (internal links will not work, but a workaround can be added, need to think about it)