Hi! I’m Giacinto, a curious guy born in 1996 and living in Italy. I’m in love with the idea of ​​being able to create virtually anything from scratch with just a computer since I was a kid.

I started programming in C language (Someone will say the worst way to start, someone else will say the best …) at 13, when my dad bought me an Intel Core Duo powered desktop from a shop whose owner is a man who has repaired my computer many times, because I couldn’t help but open it up and try to figure out how a computer works.

Later, that man became my computer science teacher in high school, making me fall in love with the subject and making me understand that it’s all about how you explain a topic that makes you passionate about it.

I then enrolled at university, attending the computer science faculty in Bari, and in the meantime with two guys from my own city I founded Calendbook.com, a SaaS for booking online appointments.

Oh by the way, I haven’t only learned the C language (surprised?), you can take a look at my github to see some of my projects or check my skills and tools page.

Besides programming, I am a hardware enthusiast since the first time I broke my desktop computer (I swear I have improved since then, now I can fix it myself hahaha), I have experimented a lot with Arduino and Atmel chips in general, but I never have time to upload them online as often as I would like, given the longer time it takes. I hope to add some on this site as soon as I can.

I am constantly trying to learn new things, which is why I always want to have more time than I actually have.

When I’m not coding I like to disconnect from digital life and invest my time in analog hobbies such as reading (mainly psychology books) and taking pictures with my analog camera.

If you feel like sharing some thoughts or just want to say hi you can reach me via email:
giacinto [dot] carlucci [dot] dev [at] gmail [dot] com