Project Ideas

☐ Call topics creator:

Telegram bot that creates topics on a google doc simply sending a message with a list of arguments to talk about in a call. that could be edited using chat replies (if someone answers to the message the arguments are appended)

☐ Share my poll:

Create a poll and share it on whatsapp or telegram (on telegram could be dynamic). the poll is created and sent using a link for every option in the poll, if a user is signed in, he can have an overwiev of his polls. example

☐ Create a Github Action:

some examples:

☑ HTML Blog Creator:

Important that I can write the article in markdown. Update: this website is generated from markdown files. The source code is on github

Can be cli application or Firefox extension, used to download a txt list of links of video/images in specified folders, also provide a renaming tool

☐ Script that breaks text rows to max 80 chars:

but beware of word breaking

☐ Daily/Weekly Recap on Telegram Channel:

This connects to trello, different dashboards and webhooks. Useful when you need to manage a team and follow up them every day about what’s been done and what the team still needs to do.

☐ Do Not Disturb Remote Sign:

A Giant, wireless LED controlled by arduino with a button. If button pressed in studio, lights turn on/off in front of door, need 5 or 12 volts adapter plus wireless transceivers and obviously, a BIG LED and button.

☐ Raspberry pi zero w with Vaacum Fluorescent Display (VFD) Monitor:

Can monitor data using a cli command and cron, based on different curl calls. If the display has 2 rows then switch rows every x seconds.

☐ Cyberpunk display monitor with HDDs:

Can use old hdd cards + oled displays to make a cyberpunk monitor for whatever data i want. Would be cool to find a way to standardize vcc power distribution and data transmission. maybe parallels ports can be used to make advantage of some chips in the board?

☐ A Text adventure game:

☐ Lazyboy:

Record audio and make written notes from that example

☐ Spotify album image to color palette:

This could be a good first full stack project in which i can search an album name, artist, song (or provide a link) and fetch the album image to create a 2 color combination palette with a typography example, so you can copy color combinations. I mean, who’s better than album cover designers at finding color combinations?

☐ Personal balance tracker

Type +{number} or -{number} to add an income or outcome and use a tag (and a description or comment if you want) and this will add to your balance the amount you received or spent so can have by the end of the month/year some csv or graph to see how you’re doing